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  •   Võrus, Kreutzwaldi 119
  •   Tartus, Ringtee 19
  •   Valgas, Vabaduse 16
  •   +372 5102 666
  •   info at hauakivi dot ee
  •   www.hauakivi.ee


Gramet was established in 1990.

Our main product line is tombstones. We also produce granite stairs, chimney slabs, curbs, circumferences and other articles at our customers' request.

In terms of volume and potential of production we are the largest company of its kind in Estonia.

Selection of the material we apply for our products is the widest in Estonia. We are using premium granite from Finland, Karelia, Ukraine and China we also use stone of local origin. Our company has 30-years' experience of producing headstones. Quality and fulfillment of our customers' wishes are our priority.

You can choose between varieties of designs: letters in many different styles, gilded letters, various engraved motives like plants, houses, portraits, etc. We also renovate old headstones.

We offer you full service: production, transportation and installation.

For us the customers' wishes always come first. Welcome!